This Page will direct you to documents and Articles that are of significance to the developments within the Anglican Church at this time. While not everything published here will always directly refer to the Orthodox/Liberal developments in the Anglican Communion, they will add to the debate either by historical reference or theological reflection.


General Theology:

What is happening in the Evangelical World today?

This three part article is both informative and disturbing:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Anglican: Largely focussed on the present crisis

South African Authors:

Maintaining Freedom of conscience – David Christie

David Christie is a Minister Emeritus of the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa (UPCSA), and holds a D Th from Stellenbosch University. This article is largely based on his doctoral thesis: Bible and Sword: The Cameronian contribution to freedom of religion.

FOCA writers in SA:


An article by Dr George Malek in response to the preface to Gene Robinson’s book “The eye of the Storm”

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