We have had Dessert

“There has been a lot of theological dialogue on the turmoil in the Episcopal Church. However, Charles W. “Slats” Slaton, Jr. speaks the language of the laity in his inspirational online book, “We’ve Had Dessert. Biblical Malnutrition & Today’s Episcopal Church.” After years of seeing God’s authority challenged, the frustrations of this parishioner’s heart were finally poured onto paper. The result is an indisputable, fervent call for orthodoxy. Though short, this engaging booklet gets to the core of the problem in the ECUSA – and because this problem is universal, it speaks clearly to other denominations as well. It is truth made simple – and a must-read.”

“Since Gene Robinson’s consecration, I have read much and I’ve written much. But this 41-page booklet available on the Internet, just flat blew me away. I felt like I did after listening to the CDs of the Plano conference. It is written by an Episcopal layman who loves His Lord and His Church. It is from this deep love that he calls like a prophet: ‘For those Christians struggling in the Episcopal Church, and for those Episcopalians who are not being taught what it means to be a Christian.’ I’m going to print as many copies as I can and distribute it to every Episcopalian I run into. No kidding.”

– Bradley L. Drell, Drell’s Descants


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