The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans accepts membership from any individual, lay or clergy, who accepts the Jerusalem Declaration and GAFCON Statement on the future of the Global Anglican Church.

Therefore individuals can follow the link below and you will be added to the list of Members immediately.

Membership will assure you of regular communication about events, developments and materials that seek to build and support the work of the Biblical gospel ministry of all who hold the ancient biblical faith and seek to live that out in their lives.

Membership is also open to Congregations, parishes, dioceses and para-church organisations who see the above mentioned documents as a clear statements of the faith and position of that group.  Such an application must include, for our records, the exerpt from the minutes of a meeting of that group that has the authority to declare the policy position of the group concerned.

The Membership page will carry a separate list of such member groups.

There will eventually be membership fees.  These will only be used to enable the Fellowship to maintain communications with members and arrange events to further the work and ministry of the membership of FCA Southern Africa.

Membership of Foca is managed for Foca by Anglican Mainstream SA.   Application Form.

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