CAIRO: Mother proud of her two sons who did not renounce Jesus as they were beheaded by ISIS

By David W. Virtue in Cairo
Archbishop Mouneer Anis, Global South chairman and Egyptian Anglican Archbishop said he met the mother of two men who were beheaded by ISIS last year, and she told him that she thanked God that her two sons did not renounce Jesus, and she would have been ashamed if they had. ISIS killed 21 men that day. “I gave my two sons to Jesus,” she told him.

“I thank my God that my two sons did not denounce Jesus; it is an honor and privilege that they died faithful,” she told Anis.

The Archbishop said that the men were saying, “Oh, Lord Jesus” as they were having their throats cut, but they refused to denounce the Lord.

Anis said these people were uneducated Coptic orthodox Christians, but they had a simple faith in Jesus and they were faithful unto death. “They were ordinary laborers with no theological education but they were not going to denounce Jesus,” he said.

Anis described the present state of Christians in the Anglican Communion as a “faithful remnant”.

Some 100 global Anglican leaders are meeting in Cairo to reflect on the gospel in the modern world, staying faithful to the teaching of Jesus Christ in a Communion torn by ‘heresies distressed.’


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