Gafcon meets in Cairo to consider invitation to Canterbury


George Conger

Members of the primates council of the GAFCON movement met yesterday in Cairo, sources tell Anglican Ink, and are understood to have discussed their response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitation to the January primates gathering scheduled for Canterbury. A source familiar with their deliberations said they would be communicating their decision first to Archbishop Justin Welby before any statement would be given to the media. He further noted that he could neither confirm nor deny that a decision had been reached, though it is understood the coalition of conservative archbishops have agreed to act as one. A spokesman for Archbishop Foley Beach confirmed the ACNA primate had preached on Sunday at All Saints Cathedral. Sources in Cairo report that other members of the primates council had gathered in Cairo before the start of the Fifth South to South Anglican Conference scheduled to begin today in Carthage, Tunisia. A statement is expected shortly from the conference organizers explaining the reason for the cancellation. However, unconfirmed reports from those scheduled to attend the meeting state it was cancelled due to an unspecified security threat.

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