South African College Students Vote for Apartheid

In some places, the march back to the 1930s is being led by college students. From South Africa, Inside Higher Ed reports:

The student government of the Durban University of Technology, in South Africa, has called on the institution to expel Jewish students, although some quotes from student leaders suggest that Jewish students who support the Palestinian cause could remain, The Daily News reported. Mqondisi Duma, secretary of the student government, said, “We had a meeting and analyzed international politics. We took the decision that Jewish students, especially those who do not support the Palestinian struggle, should deregister.” A statement from Ahmed C. Bawa, vice chancellor of the university, denounced the student government’s request. He called the request “outrageous, preposterous and a deep violation of our National Constitution and every human rights principle.”

They had a meeting, and “analyzed international politics” (translation: they got together and emoted–a lot), and decided the proper response was, “kick out the Jews!”

Get it? The former victims of apartheid…want to kick out the Jews.

Sounds like they need more irony in their diets.

By the way, two thumbs up for Chancellor Bawa. I can’t imagine any American college administrator responding so forthrightly and unambiguously to such patent bigotry.

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