Traditional values are secret of our success, say Scouts as membership soars

By John Bingham, Telegraph

Ditching traditional values to be ‘cool’ would be like cringeworthy ‘Dad dancing’, says Scouts chief as membership tops 550,000

Holding on to traditional values – including keeping God in its promise – has helped the Scouts see a dramatic increase in members, the organisation’s chief commissioner has insisted.

New figures show that the number of Scouts in the UK has jumped by almost a quarter in the last decade and membership is now at its highest level for a generation.

Wayne Bulpitt, the chief commissioner, said part of the secret of the organisation’s success was the fact that young people still crave “adventure” in an era of health and safety rules.

But he added that a crucial ingredient had been deliberate decision to modernise its image but preserving the principles it has taught for more than a century.

He said organisations which tried too hard to be “cool” often ended up “Dad dancing” – conjuring up the image of a middle-aged man who embarrasses his children with awkward dance moves at a family wedding in an attempt to pretend he is younger than he is.

The most recent Scout “census” shows that the number of members in the UK passed 550,000 last year. It has grown by almost a quarter – or more than 100,000 – in the last decade.

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