Proponent of intact natural families in US arrives for first UK gay weddings

Lesbian-raised Bobby Lopez says “Children’s rights to both mother and father must trump gay rights”

Bobby Lopez, founder of the International Children’s Rights Institute in California, will be in the UK from 26th to 30th March, 2014 and is available for media events and interviews. He has authored The Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman and edits English Manif, a team blog devoted to children’s rights. He is an Associate Professor of English and Classics in California.


Bobby, who is being sponsored in Britain by the ‘GayMarriageNoThanks – because children matter’ campaign, supports civil partnerships for gays, but has strongly opposed gay marriage in part because of his personal experience. He was raised by his mother with the help of her lifelong female partner. He has self-identified as bisexual but is now married and in an exclusive relationship with his wife.


Bobby argues that:


• Some legal recognition is necessary to protect relationships between consenting gay adults, but there must also be legal protection of a child’s relationship to his/her mother and father. For this reason, civil partnerships are good for gay adults but gay marriage leads inevitably to a lack of protection for children.
• Children’s rights include the right to be born free, rather than bought or sold; the right to a mum and dad; and the right to know one’s origins.
• There is no “right to a child,” “right to be a parent,” or “right to adopt,” whether for gay people or other adults. Any legal notion of such a right turns children into commodities. Rather, society has obligations to children, the primary one being to provide each child with a mum and dad wherever possible.

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