The Only True God


“The god of sex is very powerful; it has ruined many homes, destroyed many lives and disoriented many individuals who are enslaved to it. The god of sex is now diverting attention to homosexuality, lesbianism and same sex marriage, so the world is preoccupied in the name of Human right which is actually a force of the evil power of the god of sex.”

The Primate of all Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh made this pronouncement at the third Sunday service after Easter (2013) which was held at the Anglican Cathedral of the Advent, Life camp, Abuja. He explained that in Africa and in the world in general, there are different gods worshipped by different tribes and races just like in the Bible days where the people worshipped different gods adding that today there are modern gods, which cannot be arranged in order of superiority. According to him, these gods include the god of money, power, sex, violence and self. However, he pointed out that there was only one true God which is the God Almighty, who is love, righteous, just and the light of the world.

Archbishop Okoh speaking on the topic, ‘The One True God’ said that if Christians can have the understanding of who God is, it will determine the kind of life that they live; because if they claim to be sons of God the Father then they must have the characteristics of their Father. He emphasized that it is not enough to have the physical resemblance of the Father, people ought to behave in a way that is in tune with their family traits or else they are of questionable origin. Therefore, the Cleric added that God expects Christians to reflect His attributes in their relationship with Him and their fellow man.

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