Nigerian Anglican Primate Urges Uganda Archbishop to Stand Firm over Homosexuality


by David Virtue, VOL


The evangelical Anglican Archbishop of the largest province in the Anglican Communion has written a letter to the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali commending him for his stand against the “erroneous teaching and practice of homosexuality.”


The Most Rev. Nicholas D. Okoh, Primate of Nigeria, called on the Ugandan Archbishop to “stand firm in upholding the authentic Gospel and the historic heritage of our Church by rejecting the erroneous teaching and practice of homosexuality.


“We further wish to encourage you to stand firm in your resolve to please God and not men; to remain immovable and to resist all manner of negative foreign influences,” said Archbishop Okoh. He concluded his letter reassuring him of his support, friendship, fellowship and solidarity.


The Anglican Church of Uganda said it may consider breaking away from their mother church in England if it pressures Uganda over a tough new anti-homosexuality law recently enacted in Uganda.


“The issue here is respect for our views on homosexuality, same sex marriage as a country and church. If they are not willing to listen to us we shall consider being on our own,” continued Archbishop Stanley Ntagali.


“Homosexual practice is incompatible with scripture, and no one in the leadership of the church can say legitimize same sex unions or homosexuality,” he said, urging the “governing bodies of the Church of England to not take the path advocated by the West”.


“If they do we shall have no choice but to be on our own,” he concluded.


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