A Sign of the Times

By Bishop David Anderson, AAC

The Book of Revelation foretold a time when the number 666 would be marked on everyone and without it a person couldn’t do business or function in society. Who could have ever thought that in the 21st century in Western culture endorsing homosexuality would become the 666 required to live and do business, have a job, carry on a trade, and be socially acceptable. The constitutional right to freedom of religion is displaced in favor of the freedom of sexual practice, whatever it may be, with no allowance for reasoned objection. In states that have voted for traditional marriage, federal judges are declaring the laws unconstitutional (in their opinions). When Christians decline to provide business services such as wedding photography or baking for homosexual couples the court system is used to beat the Christian into submission or deprive them of their livelihood. Now, the principal attorney for the United States government has said he won’t defend any federal laws that he doesn’t believe in, specifically anything not friendly to gays and lesbians, and has advised his federal attorneys around the country to do likewise. So the rule of law is now by executive branch fiat; it reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland,” where the law is whatever the queen says it is.
While it is incumbent on Christians to work peacefully against this, it does mean, in a practical way, that we are thrust back into the second and third centuries of the Roman Empire, where the prevailing culture and society, government and law was hostile to Christians and all that we believe. It means that churches need to emphasize discipleship and discipline within the ranks of the committed fellowship. We need to insist and enforce moral standards on ourselves, giving submission to God’s authority and glory to him in our faithfulness.
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