Homosexual BBC presenter Graham Norton calls Catholics defending marriage ‘rats trapped in the corner of a barn’

By Deacon Nick Donnelly, Protect the Pope


Graham Norton, the homosexual BBC TV celebrity, has called Catholics who defend marriage in debates about the legalization of so called ‘same-sex marriage’ ‘rats trapped in the corner of a barn’.


Graham Norton said:


‘This tiny minority can yell all they want, but it’s over. It’s all done. The Iona Institute, and people like that, are like rats trapped in the corner of a barn. They know the jig is up. That’s why they’re screaming so loud.” However, he added that he was glad gay marriage opponents existed as “they drag everyone towards the centre”. ”You hear their opinions and suddenly you’re a little bit more tolerant – because you don’t want to be them!”


Graham Norton was expressing anger at the news that the Irish TV network RTE had paid out damages to four members of the Iona Institute and two Irish journalists because they had been defamed on a TV show by homosexual transvestite Panti Bliss for their defence of marriage. Panti Bliss said:


‘The only place that you see it’s ok to be really horrible and mean about gays is on the internet in the comments and people who make a living writing opinion pieces for newspapers.’ When asked who he was talking about, Panti Bliss mentioned John Waters, Breda O’Brien and the Iona Institute.’


According to the BBC ‘The Iona officials and journalists John Waters and Breda O’Brien, who are all vocally opposed to gay marriage, claimed they had been defamed and threatened to sue the broadcaster.’


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