Wives who support male leadership in the home? What’s with that?


By John-Henry Westen, LifeSite News

Teresa Tomeo is an accomplished woman. She’s an author, syndicated Catholic talk show host, and motivational speaker with more than 30 years of experience in TV, radio and newspaper. She’s spent 19 of those years working in front of a camera as a reporter and anchor in the Detroit market.

“I’d never be called oppressed,” Teresa tells me as we sit down at the Legatus Summit, a meeting of Catholic leaders in the world of business. Yet she supports the notion of male leadership in the family, and she’s even willing to say so publicly.
Teresa co-hosts the EWTN television series, The Catholic View for Women, a show where women ‘dish’ on current events especially as they apply to Catholics. In 2008, she was one of a select group of international delegates invited to the Vatican Women’s Congress in Rome.
Teresa tells me that radical feminism is damaging to women and men. She blasts the mainstream media where “men [are] consistently displayed as weak, incapable of decision making.” There is, she explains, a “constant emphasis from the culture that men are not important – ‘what we need them for is our own immediate needs of sexual gratification and help us
have a baby.’ I think it’s frightening.”
Rather, says Teresa, men and women are “equal but different.”
“The message that we don’t need the other is really an attack on God.”
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