Imagine the anarchy in Girlguiding K when ‘My Way’ supplants God

By Julian Mann


In expelling God from its new promise, Girlguiding UK has not forsaken ‘faith’. It has simply replaced Christianity with the bad faith of My Way.


Cranmer’s Curate is grateful for this insight to youth group member the Revd Peter Hughes, rector of St Alban’s Wickersley, shared in conversation at a recent clergy conference convened by the Bishop of Sheffield whose blogs on Psalm 95 cc commends.


This modified stanza from Frank Sinatra’s anthem, beloved at some funerals, is clearly very much in tune with Girlguiding’s new philosophy to ‘be true to myself and develop my beliefs’:


For what is a Guide, what has she got?
If not herself, then she has naught
The right to say the things she feels and not the words of one who kneels
The record shows she took the blows and did it her way!


Mr Hughes imagines what might happen at a local Rainbows, Brownies or Guides group if the girls start to practice what they preach in their new hymn:


* A parade down the high street on Remembrance Sunday disintegrates into chaos as two of the girls veer off towards a nearby burger van and the rest decide to walk off in various directions.


* An instruction to put up a tent on a weekend camp proves impossible to implement due to every Guide doing what is right in her own eyes.


* Uniform policy becomes difficult to action when one of the girls insists as a matter of personal conviction on wearing a T-shirt with ‘Legalise Cannabis’ on it.


An attempt by Brown Owl to remind the girls that they promised to obey the Guide Law proves unavailing. The girls insist that in order to be true to their own interpretation of the promise they will only obey the Guide Law when they feel like it.


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