Why what happens to the Robert Lopezes of the world actually matters to us all

Lisa Severine NollandOne of the most cowardly things ordinary people do is to shut their eyes to facts.  CS Lewis

Lisa Severine Nolland

The following is written in the aftermath of events pertaining to the Duck Dynasty, A&E and GLAAD.

In his ‘Life on GLAAD’s Blacklist’, US Professor Robert Lopez describes his fall from grace at the hands of the US-based gay rights organization, GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to become a persona non grata professionally and socially. Conjure up images of religious excommunication or informal McCarthyism and you will get an idea of what he has endured since ‘coming out’ publicly against gay ‘marriage’ (he was raised by two lesbians and so speaks from that vantage point).

Old friends and even some family members took GLAAD’s marching orders and have summarily cut me out of their lives. And when I mean cut me out, I mean we will never be in the same room again. One person very close to me, who works in the entertainment industry, was accosted at a dinner and told in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t join in denouncing me, he’d have difficulty finding work. (1)

But what about the situation in Britain? British evangelical leaders are not losing work, friends or status because of their public views, and indeed, the state authorities they partner with on various community projects are only too willing to have their input (and help). They hold orthodox Christian views on sexual matters, though they do not talk about it much, and certainly never with the said authorities, reassuring themselves ’preaching the Gospel’ will sort things.

Location, Location, Location

I believe that Robert Lopez’s situation is illuminative of what happens when the Stonewalls of this world (GLAAD is an American equivalent) are publicly challenged by professionals inside ‘the system’. Though we have a few brave souls here (think of the Bulls, Lesley Pilkington, Gary McFarlane, Mike Davidson) that there are not more examples shows how successful sex activists have been in taking over and shutting down public debate.

That most British evangelical leaders are professionals outside ‘the system’ means they are inherently protected by dog collars, and buffering religious communities and organizations; they have the luxury of holding and affirming convictions which the rest of us are rapidly losing the right to hold.

Because the Stonewall agenda does not directly impact the church leadership team, professionals in otherwise good congregations receive little if any help responding to being force-fed its ideology. Nor is the reality of the fact that church youngsters (with few exceptions) are presently marinated in all things LGBT affirmative through education, the media and their peers.

Indeed, frequently professionals in ‘the system’ end up quietly colluding with Stonewall’s agenda. Where is the sense in being the Lone Martyr?

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