A parent’s time and love are the best gifts

By Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express


KATIE McGILL is a single mother on benefits who used eight payday loans to buy each of her two children a new bike plus a new TV, DVD player and computer games.


The real scandal here is not the ease with which she borrowed money that from the outset she had no chance of paying back nor even that the silly woman now has the gall to blame Wonga instead of herself for the situation.


No, at the heart of this rather toofamiliar story is the cancer that is eating at modern Britain: the belief that you demonstrate your love for your children by giving them endless material goods.


A brightly painted second-hand bike would have meant as much to the three-year-old as a brand new one and a bike on its own without the TV, DVD player and computer games would have been present enough.


Better still a box of paints or a packet of crayons could give hours of endless fun if mum joined in, making up games to play with different pictures.


Christmas could have been memorable for all three singing carols round the tree or wrapping towels round their heads and acting out the nativity or playing grandmother’s footsteps and pin the tail on the donkey or other games from an age when family fun and not piles of the latest must-haves made Christmas.


Instead Ms McGill is effectively teaching her children to measure affection by expenditure and to take material possessions as their due.


They will grow up to repeat that pattern and to seek solace in buying and owning.


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