Italian parliamentarians push back against gvmt doc mandating journalists promote ‘LGBT’ agenda

by Hilary White, LifeSite News


A set of instructions for journalists by a government department that threatens professional sanctions and possible jail time for writing unfavorably about homosexuality and “gay marriage,” has raised outrage among some sections of the Italian parliament. The document is a straightforward attempt to co-opt the entire profession into the homosexual agenda, a group of 21 Deputies has said.


Alessandro Pagano, a Deputy from Sicily and a staunch opponent of the parliamentary abortion and euthanasia lobbies, has called the guidelines “a gag order” and a deliberate suppression of “freedom of information and expression” by an ideologically motivated faction. It presages, he said, “the new forms of dictatorship of the twenty-first century.”



The document, issued by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities’ racial discrimination office, (Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali, UNAR) instructs journalists not to portray any hint of the existence of opposition to the homosexual political agenda. Instead of debates on television between those in favor and those opposed, talk shows must present the appearance of complete social agreement.



Pagano said the document was prepared with the express purpose of imposing “the LGBT ideology on public opinion through a ‘domesticated’ media” by a “working group composed exclusively of 29 gay and lesbian associations,” including Arcigay, Italy Equality, Gay Center, Gay Help Line and Gay.Net.



Pagano is one of 21 signatories of an “interpolation” asking parliament to address the freedom of speech and religion issues raised by the document.



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