Archbishop Duncan Lauds Growth of Anglican Church in North America

By Archbishop Robert Duncan

Beloved in the Lord, What a great distance we have come. As we approach our fifth Christmas as a Church there is so much for which to be thankful. There is also much more to do together.

The recent issue of The Apostle catalogued many of the developments in our Church life. We continue to see the local congregation as the primary agency of our mission.

We continue to draw young leaders into service and fellowship. We continue to reach out with the transforming love of Jesus Christ to many who have never known him and to those on the margins.

We are beginning to produce tools for discipleship for the faithful of all ages. We continue to strengthen existing congregations and to plant new ones.

We continue to worship Almighty God in sanctuaries, schools, and halls with Scripture’s enduring truth, in timeless Anglican forms and with contemporary power and relevance. We took our place as a province among Anglican provinces at the second Global Anglican Future Conference in Nairobi. Our Anglican Relief and Development Fund has brought life change to tens of thousands in forty countries. We have taken our place in ecumenical circles.

The calendar year closes at the end of this month. The Anglican Church in North America depends on the tithes of its dioceses and the extra-mile giving of its members and friends. The work goes on, and the need goes on. I am thankful for your past generosity.

Your help is needed today more than ever. Please consider a gift online. The Anglican Church in North America is making a difference. Help us to make even more.

As I conclude my term as first Archbishop, please know how much everyone of you has meant to me. Together we have made – and will continue to make – a difference that future generations will surely recount. May God grant you a Blessed Advent, a Joyous Christmas, and a Graceful New Year.

Affectionately in Christ,
+Robert Pittsburgh
The Most Rev. Robert Duncan

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