Abortion Advertisements Banned in Russia by President Vladimir Putin

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post


Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signed into law on Monday a ban on abortion advertisements in the country. The ban was signed as part of a set of laws that seek to tighten the country’s advertising restrictions regarding contraception and medicine.


Russian media reported Monday that the purpose of the new legislation is to stem the country’s declining population rate. The ban on abortion advertisements was signed as part of the country’s Federal Law on Advertising that also bans advertisements for free drug samples if the drugs contain narcotics or psychotropic samples. The law also puts restrictions on advertisements for traditional “folk medicine” in the country, making the illegal practice of folk medicine a misdemeanor.


According to Reuters, Russia’s abortion rates are among the highest in the world and termination is one of the most common practices of birth control in the country. Since taking office 14 years ago, Vladimir Putin has made boosting the country’s population rate one of his fundamental priorities.


Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, has said in a previous interview with LifeSite News that Russia must change its attitude towards abortion if it wants a continued healthy generation.


“As long as society fails to recognize the value of human life, and wantonly destroys it in large numbers, it will be difficult to establish a new three-child norm. Abortion must cease being a way of life in Russia if her people are to survive,” Mosher said in 2012.


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