How the Gay Agenda Aids the Sexual Abuse & Infection of Minors

By Judith Reisman


The data in a chart from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)1 documents that “male to male sex” (homosexuality) is deadly for youth.


Nearly 93 percent of HIV infections in males aged 13–19 and 91 percent in males aged 20–24 come from “male-to-male sexual contact.” The CDC also reported in December 2012 that “new infections among the youngest MSM [males having sex with males]
(aged 13–24) increased 22 percent, from 7,200 infections in 2008 to 8,800 in 2010.”


Although over 90 percent of HIV-infected boys and men have been infected by sexual contact with men, homosexual adults
still aggressively seek vulnerable youth for their “community.” Instead of demanding an end to the hyper-sexualization of youth by
the media and so-called sex education, and instead of calling for the prosecution of those raping these youth, the homosexual movement demands that states refuse parental access to therapy for their children who report same-sex confusion.


Keep Them Gay


Standing on the false “scientific” claim that children are born homosexual, New Jersey recently outlawed “sexual orientation change
efforts” (SOCE) that would have allowed parents to seek therapy for their child’s sexual confusion.


Read here (pdf)

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