“We don’t do God…” So why are we surprised by the moral bankruptcy of society?

From Voice for Justice UK

In a society that has lost God, evil will flourish. Whatever we may prefer to believe, mankind is not naturally ‘good’, and over the last few centuries we haven’t noticeably advanced spiritually, mentally or emotionally. In fact, if current research on cognitive development is to be believed, since the arrival of the internet, the reverse is true!

What’s indisputable, however, is that men and women have within themselves the capacity both to trawl the depths of hell, and ascend to the highest heavens – by virtue of the simple fact that we are spiritual beings in a physical body. But the reality is that we are ‘small’ spiritual beings who, during our time on earth, have to grow. And, sad but true, without help, we seem not just susceptible, but even predisposed, to evil. More than that, to paraphrase St Paul, the good that we want to do, we don’t – though we seem very handy at doing the evil which in anyone else we cheerfully condemn.

And so in Western society today – which by and large boasts that God is only for the emotionally crippled and intellectually challenged – we see sexual abuse of all kinds proliferating, pornography spreading like an ebolic virus, drug and alcohol dependency rates climbing through the roof, and a determined assault on the right to life at both its beginning and end, with half of all conceptions ending in abortion, and the elderly growing increasingly fearful of going into hospital. VfJUK humbly suggests that these, and associated, plagues are because we have ‘lost’ God, in his place deifying consumerism, secularism, and self-fulfilment. And the Church, sadly, far from being the bulwark against chaos, sin and evil that it’s intended to be, has become complicit in this. By attempting to make the gospel culturally relevant, it has only strengthened the moral vacuum in which these evils flourish.

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