No ifs, no buts, and no plan B on women bishops, says Bishop of Rochester

by Michael Trimmer, Christian Today


The Bishop of Rochester, the Right Reverend James Langstaff, yesterday gave a brief outline of the potentially historic Church of England women bishops proposals.


The final proposals are scheduled to be voted on by the General Synod on Wednesday, after having missed out on passage this time last year by a mere six votes in the House of Laity, the largest of the three Church of England legislative chambers.


In his address, Bishop Langstaff said that his presentation was more of a means of an opening session to prepare for the small groups discussion on Tuesday. These groups would each contain at least one member of the House of Bishops, as well as one member of the steering committee that had put together the proposals.


Bishop Langstaff was particularly lauding in his praise of the committee. He commented on the fact that despite the inclusion of members from a diverse range and in some cases deeply opposed parts of the Church’s doctrinal spectrum, an agreement was reached, and the members had been able to listen and engage with one another as fellow Christians, enjoying each other’s company in the progress.


“We have met together, we have eaten together, we have sat in the bar of a long evening together,” Bishop Langstaff had said “and perhaps most importantly, we have prayed together”.


At one point in his speech, the bishop described the task set before the steering committee as “impossible… many of us had thought”.


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