Archbishop of Canterbury’s presentation to General Synod

Archbishop Justin gave a short presentation about his recent activity to the General Synod this afternoon at Church House, Westminster. The text of the presentation can be read below.

‘A few months ago the Business Committee requested the inclusion of a presentation of Archbishop’s activity to Synod, as an experiment. If the Synod feels it to be of no value no doubt they will tell the Business Committee who will discontinue us.

‘The last couple of months have seen the terrible atrocities in Peshawar and Nairobi, and the typhoon in the Philippines. The first was aimed at an Anglican Church, the second deeply affected Anglicans among others. I offered to visit both: the Primate of Pakistan felt it would not be helpful in light of the security situation at the time, while I was able to get, fleetingly, to Nairobi for a condolence visit, where I had an emotional and warm welcome from Archbishop Wabukala. In the light of the terrible casualties in Peshawar, I hope the Synod might consider sending a further message of support to our suffering sisters and brothers in Pakistan.

‘The attacks in Pakistan are amongst many which have been afflicting Christians around the world. Many parts of the Anglican Communion suffer greatly, and the Synod will, I trust, acknowledge both the suffering and courage of many of our sister and brother churches in places like Nigeria. The issue of how we support each other, and how we understand and confront violent attacks in the light and grace of Christ is certainly one of the greatest of our age.

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