“Proud to be at GAFCON”

Those who attended GAFCON in Nairobi have begun reporting back.

Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden, a Queen’s chaplain writes:
“I was proud to be part of the group of Christians who met at Gafcon at Nairobi. There was something deeply dignified about people who had become Christians as something more than a pose of accessorized spirituality, but who were engaged in a life or death struggle with themselves – with militant Islam – with the scorn of self indulgent secularism – and who were serious about their appetites and surrendering them; and not making a special case to exempt homosexual appetite from the call of God to be freed, transformed and blessed.”

The vice-principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, the Reverend Dr Simon Vibert said: “A notable feature of this conference has been the reminder that all of us need to repent as a necessary component of expecting God’s blessing, and also to do this together in corporate worship.”

In a press conference on Tuesday, Paul Perkin, chairman of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (UK and Ireland) said that the conference had been “an extraordinary display of the fellowship of the Anglican Communion meeting in a spiritual fellowship of prayer, sharing of situations, and identification of each other’s problems”.

“I expect that my PCC will demand that I table the Nairobi communiqué at the PCC meeting on Monday night,” said David Banting, vicar of St Peter’s Harold Wood whom he said had insisted they pay for him to attend the conference representing them. “St Peter’s wants to be global and not parochial. Our mission partners at GAFCON thanked us for the gift of the gospel through the Church of England and ask us not to depart from it or change it.”

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