CMS Africa transforming communities with “Business as Mission.”


Photo Credit: CMS



By Bellah Zulu, ACNS

The Church Mission Society, (CMS) Africa adopted a unique model called Business as Mission (BAM) to transform communities across Africa through business with an intention to “make Jesus known, encountered and followed.”

“This is an old and yet important concept of transforming and empowering communities,” said CMS Africa Executive Director, the Revd Dennis Tongoi in an interview with ACNS. “We have empowered a lot of rural communities in key areas such as solar lighting and bio-gas.”

Business as Mission (BAM) is a movement of “kingdom minded business people whose emphasis is on transforming communities through business with an intention to make Jesus known, encountered and followed,” said the Executive Director.

The Revd Tongoi said that BAM recognises that business is a calling and that business people are full time ministers’ not just Mission supporters, and the market place is a prime’s mission field.

In September this year, using the same concept, CMS-Africa attended a dedication of a Biogas unit set up in Githunguri, a settlement in Kenya’s Central Province. Greenspan Bio-Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMS-Africa, developed the Biogas unit.

CMS Africa Communications Officer Joshua Watila reports that before the advent of biogas, there was excess cow manure produced by the many dairy cows in the area, which had become a nuisance to the local communities.

“Biogas production is now utilising all the available cow manure in a household with the production unit,” said Mr. Watila. Mr. Tongoi added, “At least people have now stopped cutting trees and are using manure as a source of energy.”

CMS-Africa has also been developing the “quadruple bottom line business model” which aims to start and develop business for the benefit of the whole communities especially the poor in Africa.

It has four major components including financial, spiritual, social and the environment which aim to incorporate profitable business, biblical subjects, fair trade and stewardship of the environment as God’s gift to mankind.

“We have faced a lot of challenges in our effort to try and empower the local communities especially farmers,” said Mr. Tongoi. “Capitalization has been one of major challenges since we have to finance the farmers so that they can sustain their crops.

This concept was adopted by CMS Africa over ten years ago and is currently being used in Kenya, Liberia and South Sudan as a way of empowering communities while making Jesus known to them.

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