Hate, Homophobia and Holiness

By Peter Ould


Here’s an interesting blog by Canon Gavin Ashenden, a Queen’s Chaplain, explaining why he changed his mind on the issue of download (1)homosexuality.


There was a period of ten years or so, when I was an enthusiastic support of practising gay Christians – and even spoke to Christian LGBT groups at their invitation to encourage them.
I have always liked the majority of gay people I met – especially the Christian ones; it was a sort of affectionate instinct.
But ‘God spoke to me’ about the practice of homosexuality; (though His views were always there in the Bible and In the ‘lived experience’ of Tradition if I had not come at them both skewed to provide a different answer;- so I went to my friends, and told them that while still being deeply fond of them, I was going to take a different view of the practice of homosexuality. I would simply place it in the same category as other people (straight) and treat it simply as the practice of sex outside marriage.
So when I read Andrew Brown recently, being vituperative about Evangelicals at Gafcon practising ‘homophobia’ and threatening a split in the Anglican Communion no one cares about, I have several reactions.
Accepting that the Christian tradition sets out to moderate the practice of sex between two people who are not married is not of course ‘homophobia’.
And of all the things I may be prone to be ‘phobic’ about, homosexuals never figure.
But why the attempted insult by Brown and the Guardianistas at all?
Is it the usual reason that exchanging arguments dignifies their opponents too much and runs the risk of acknowledging that they might have an argument that stretches beyond the imputed blind prejudice?


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