Support for Core Issues Trust Christian Counsellor Dr Michael Davidson

Gerard J M van den Aaardweg PhDOn 13 October we posted a Press Release from Core Issues Trust setting out how Christian Counsellor Dr Michael Davidson has been hounded out of his professional bodies for offering counselling those who consider themselves troubled by feelings of same-sex attraction, as he himself has been in the past.

We reproduce below a letter of support for Dr Davidson from Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg PhD, distinguished psychotherapeutic practicioner in Holland, specializing in the treatment of homosexuality and marriage problems, and author of several books on the psychogenesis of homosexuality, including The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (Self-)Therapy for Homosexuality – Constructive help and support for Men and Women troubled by unwanted homosexual feelings and/or behaviour.

From: Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg Ph.D.
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 11:59 AM
Subject: expulsion Dr. Davidson: protest
Dr. K. Kirk
Executive British Psychodrama Association

Dear Mrs Kirk,

I want to protest against the gravely unjust expulsion of your member Dr. Davidson.

The rationalization your organization(s) present for this injustice is anti-scientific, unethical; and if you think logically, opens the door to more socially destructive and immoral developments.

1. Anti-scientific: Because there is no shred of evidence that people with homosexual tendencies, or paedophile tendencies, or exhibitionistic tendencies, or whatever preferential sexual tendencies there are, and who wish to refrain from enacting their desires or to try to overcome them– that such persons have “internalized” harmful social or religious taboos and must be regarded as “sick” and irresponsible.

I challenge you to name me only one single investigation, conducted according to the requirements of empirical or experimental research, which would have demonstrated the existence of this “internalization” speculation (fantasy) in homosexually oriented persons averse to acting out or wishing to be helped in the direction to change.

2. Unethical/violation of fundamental human rights: you have no moral or whatever other right or authority to impose your ideological resistance to abstinence- or change-directed homosexuality therapy or guidance.

You/your organization(s) have no right at all to in fact label such therapy/counseling -aspirants as “sick” and impose your “know-better” ideas on them and deny them their freedom of conscience.

I suppose you do not know anymore or forgot the serious abuse under Soviet Communism called “Soviet psychiatry”. Dissidents were “diagnosed” by psychiatrists (who betrayed their science and professional duties but obsequiously served the Communist ideology) as “social schizophrenics”, i.e., people whose “psychic illness” caused their “insensitivity to the needs of society”, so to the Soviet Communist Party line. Under the pretext of that “diagnosis” they were physically and mentally destroyed by the “treatment” they were subjected to in psychiatric clinics.

You are reasoning and acting precisely along the same line. Under the guise of a false, concocted ideological “diagnosis”, viz., this “internalization” slogan, you dare label the many homosexually oriented dissidents with respect to the politically predominant gay ideology as “sick”, “mentally unable to make choices” regarding the way of life they want to walk and try to prevent them from realizing their choice.

Your totalitarian attitude appears from the defamation implicit in your punishing an upright counsellor such as Dr. Davidson solely for the fact that he does not share your ideology and has good arguments for it; but also from your apparent lack of understanding for and compassion with the needs of the many homosexually oriented (whose predicament Dr. Davidson knows from personal experience) who are left alone by professionals adhering to your ideology.

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