Social Marxism is why proper provision is not going to happen


By Julian Mann

The above assertion is not in any way meant to disparage the heroic efforts of those who are negotiating for legally-underpinned provision for conservative evangelical opponents of women bishops ahead of November’s General Synod. But it is to be realistic and surely prayerful action on the real battle ground, rather than on a fantasy film set, is what God is calling us to?

Why is proper provision not going to happen? Because of the ideological commitment of the Church of England’s leaders and opinion formers to the socially Marxist revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Commitment to the feminist agenda of those social revolutionaries now dominant in politics, education, the media and the national Church is intrinsic to the programme.

When Cranmer’s Curate embarked on ordination selection in the early 1990s, the Church of England was very uncertain about the ordination of women to the presbyterate. Yes, the measure got through the General Synod in 1992 – the 1960s won the vote – but there was a strong sense in the House of Bishops that the ordination of women was an innovation and that there needed to be alternative episcopal oversight for the then still influential Anglo-Catholic constituency, hence the flying bishops.

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