Body Logic – Sexual Morality: marriage is the correct environment for sexual activity

from gentlemind


[…]  By virtue of the existence of sexual difference, sexual intercourse is an action that men and women can choose to perform. By virtue of the nature of the human body, conception is not an action that men and women can choose to perform. Instead, it is an effect that is caused by the chosen action of sexual intercourse.


A re-action is also able to be an action. So too, an effect is also able to give rise to an effect – an effect can be a cause. The action of sexual intercourse, by virtue of its nature, causes the effect of conception. The effect of conception causes the effect of parenthood. Between action and re-action lies time. Between cause and effect lies time. Between the action of sexual intercourse and the re-action of conception, there lies time. But between the cause of conception and the effect of parenthood, there lies no time.


Sexual difference is the hand that allows us to push the first domino – sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse pushes the second (final) domino – conception. Since there is a second domino, there is a domino for the first domino to miss (not conceive) – sexual intercourse SOMETIMES pushes over the domino of conception. Since there is a final domino (conception), there is no domino for the second domino to miss. The falling of the domino of conception gives rise to one last re-action – parenthood. Conception ALWAYS causes parenthood. When a woman falls pregnant, a man and a woman fall into parenthood.


The act of sexual intercourse is divisible from its purposed effect – conception. But the act of conception is indivisible from an end effect – parenthood. As a relationship, parenthood is physically real. As such, it can only ever be defined correctly in one way: parenthood is a permanent, exclusive sexual union between one man and one woman, which exists in relation to the body of their child (conception). Parenthood exists in relation to conception, and conception exists in relation to sexual intercourse. This means that sexual intercourse itself is an action that, by its very nature, is able to bring about an outcome of permanence and exclusivity. The name given to the relationship that exists in relationship to sexual intercourse is Marriage. Since conception exists in relation to sexual intercourse, parenthood exists in relation to marriage. And since parenthood is sexual, permanent, heterosexual and exclusive, the relationship that exists in relation to sexual intercourse (Marriage) is simultaneously and unavoidably sexual, permanent, heterosexual and exclusive.


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