Why Gafcon 2013 and What is FCA?

For information for those who have been asking what the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans is, and why the Gafcon2013 conference is taking place this month in Nairobi


Statement from the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans


WHY GAFCON 2013?  A conference in Nairobi, 21-26 October 2013, of FCA leaders, lay and ordained from across the world, representing the majority of Anglicans in the Communion. We will


·         Address current challenges to the faith (persecution and poverty, militant Islamism, aggressive secularism);


·         Listen to each other and support the most vulnerable among us (physically that’s the Africans, spiritually that’s us);


·         Make plans and decisions together, praise and mourn together, pray and resolve together;


·         Return to our churches stimulated, encouraged and resourced for mission.


WHAT IS FCA?  A global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans who believe the Anglican Communion is worth preserving. The challenges to today’s church are huge, the stakes are high, but our resolve is determined – and the Communion’s best days could still be in the future. FCA will be at the heart of them. We are committed to


·         Serve the Anglican Communion with its wonderful history and its self-governing provinces, held together by a common Christian faith and deep bonds of spiritual fellowship, shared mission and exchange of ministry across the world;


·         Offer the strongest, some would say the only, effective remaining glue that holds this precious unity intact, now that the structural four instruments no longer do the job;

·         Promote a dynamic mission, and counter inauthentic expressions that depart from a biblically ordered faith.

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