Marriage the secret to good health, study finds

By John Bingham, Telegraph


Researchers in the US charted the ups and downs of more than 2,000 married people over a 20-year period and found a strong correlation between being happily married and in good health.


The team, made up of academics based in Utah and Nebraska, used information gathered during what was the longest study of its kind ever conducted into marital strife, from 1980 to 2000.


Participants were regularly questioned in detail about the state of their relationship and how they felt their spouse treated them.


But throughout they were also asked to rate their general health.


The team analysed the findings breaking the participants into two groups depending on age.


Although the younger people usually started off with better health, those who hard more tempestuous marriages later appeared to suffer poorer health.


Equally those who had overcome marital problems also appeared to see an improvement in their health.


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