Why I love Richard Dawkins

By David Baker, Christian Today

The world’s most famous atheist is back in the headlines again.

Richard Dawkins is in the news because his new book – An Appetite for Wonder – has just been published. And naturally there have been various interviews giving him an opportunity to promote it.

As always, what he says is stimulating and thought-provoking. But it’s also occasionally infuriating! On the one hand we see his undoubted mastery of science. But on the other, there is – as we have come to expect – some disappointing ignorance about matters of religion, and still a tendency to take sideswipes at people of faith.

At one point, in an interview with The Guardian, Dawkins asserts: “My science books are forced to take a stance, not against posh theologians who accept evolution but surely the absolute majority of religious people in the world who literally believe that every species was separately created and even, in the case of the Abrahamic religions, believe that Adam and Eve were created 6,000 years ago.” Even in that short paragraph, there is such a mix of sweeping assumption, misconception, truth and half-truth that it is hard to know where to begin!

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