A Victory for True Liberty in France

From The Dissident

The French Council of State has decided in favour of the liberty of conscience of those mayors who object to performing the absurd same-sex “marriages” brought in by the recent Loi Taubira.

A group of elected mayors called themselves the Collectif des Maires Pour l’Enfance,brought a case to the council on July 2nd saying that the requirement to perform such fake “marriages” was against their freedom of conscience as guaranteed under the French constitution. After some deliberation, the Council of State, which is the highest court in the land, has pronounced in their favour.

The mayors cannot be dismissed as they are elected, not appointed by the government.

This verdict is in direct conflict with the declaration made last year by President Hollande that the law would be harshly enforced and that there would be no exceptions. The Council of State’s verdict was welcomed by La Manif Pour Tous, the French movement for true marriage and the rights of children. Its leader, Ludovine de la Rochere, has said cautiously that this is a limited victory.

In fact, the right to liberty of conscience is supposed to be guaranteed all over Europe by the European Convention on Human Rights, but it is being routinely violated by the LGBT extremists.

All over France, the demonstrations against fake marriage are continuing week after week, and La Manif Pour Tous is holding a successful summer university where hundreds of young people are being trained to campaign successfully on these issues.

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