10 Ways Gay Activists Shifted Culture—and What the Church Can Learn From It

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Joseph Mattera
Joseph Mattera


Whether you are a proponent of same-sex marriage, homosexuality or not, you have to respect the way gay activists have fundamentally transformed American society in one generation.  The plans and strategies of gay activism and how they went from being an oppressed minority to an elite protected status in mainstream culture is written in a book called After the Ball.
The following are some of their strategies:
1. They successfully redefined words.
Since Adam gave animals names, it is a known fact that the person who defines the words controls the dialogue. Since the 1970s, gay activists have successfully taken their official scientific terminology of homosexual and replaced it with the word gay. This was a brilliant move because the word gay has emotional and cultural connotations of being happy and carefree as opposed to the word homosexual, the very name of which emphasizes something different from the (heterosexual) majority of the population. (The homosexual community was once also referred to as “queer” because of this.)
If the church is going to regain cultural influence, it has to work on its branding and better leverage words to convey its message.
2. They infiltrated high levels of culture.
From President Obama to the Pentagon; from rock stars, celebrities, movie producers and athletes to psychiatry, education and the Republican and Democratic parties; from business leaders like George Soros, Tim Gill and Michael Bloomberg to mainstream Protestant denominations like the Episcopal church—gay activists have successfully infiltrated and influenced the highest reaches of mainstream culture. As long as the evangelical church stays on the fringe of society, merely concentrating on local church activities instead of getting involved in the public square, they will be at a disadvantage in the culture wars. The area or realm of society the church fails to influence will turn around and attempt to trample it!
3. They put their monies behind candidates who espouse their views.
In the 2011 fight for same-sex marriage, both Mayor Bloomberg and Tim Gill gave millions of dollars to support state senators who would vote in favor of gay marriage. In my political efforts, I have been told numerous times by political leaders that the deep pockets of gay activists influence how they vote simply because candidates feel they need that money to get re-elected—even if privately they may disagree with homosexuality. The evangelical church has to do more than preach its views on Sunday; it has to galvanize its businesspeople to put their monies together and form political action committees (PACs), which are legal entities formed to finanancially support certain candidates.
4. They successfully shifted culture from tolerance to celebration of homosexuality.
I remember that in the 1990s, the word that was constantly used in the media regarding the treatment of gays wastolerance. Now I very rarely, if ever, hear that word. This is because gay activists have successfully converted mainstream culture into a celebration of the gay lifestyle. Of course, this so-called “tolerant” culture was very intolerant of alternative views like conservative Christianity. Now Bible-believing Christians are probably the ones who have to start pushing “tolerance” toward their views because they clearly now hold the (persecuted) minority view in our society. It’s hard to believe, but there was once a time not that long ago (pre-1967 to 1969) when Christian values were celebrated in mainstream society. The church probably has a long way to go before that happens again!
5. They have infiltrated the church.
Gay theology has infiltrated many evangelical and Roman Catholic colleges, seminaries and churches. (This is a theology that reinterprets Scriptures that speak against homosexuality in such a way that its practice is no longer forbidden, because of the notion that it was based on past cultural nuances that are now outdated.) Now there are even gay denominations, like the Metropolitan church. Furthermore, there are organizations, like Soulforce, that visit prominent evangelical churches and engage in dialogue with their leadership and congregations for the purpose of making friends and converting them to gay theology.
As long as the evangelical church treats the gay community like lepers and merely resorts to preaching against homosexuality instead of attempting to befriend that community and meet its spiritual and physical needs, the gay community will continue to gain Christian converts while the Bible-believing church will continue to lose converts because of its lack of practical and loving engagement. In the same way the gay community has engaged and infiltrated the church, the church should reach out and serve gay people and infiltrate their organizations with authentic Christian love and truth. Also, we have to realize there is a real hunger for spirituality and Jesus among gay people, which is why so many of them visit our churches and desire acceptance. I believe the harvest is ripe among every people group, including the gay community.
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