ZIMBABWE: Rebuilding Anglican Diocese After Kunonga’s Savagery

Letters to the Editor
August 30, 2013

Anglican Wabvuwi Zimbabwe Statement on the 2013 Murewa Conference

Anglican Wabvuwi Zimbabwe Statement on the 2013 Murewa Conference 28 August 2013, Harare- THE Anglican Wabvuwi in Zimbabwe (CPCA) is resuming the project of constructing a US$150 000 worth of memorial clinic at St Clare’s in Murewa that was abandoned five years ago when the Anglican Church properties across the Diocese of Harare were forcibly taken over by excommunicated Bishop Dr Nolbert Kunonga and his group of rebels, who fought in a losing cause to disconnect from the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Upon completion, scheduled for August 2014, the Memorial Clinic will serve around 30 000 villagers, drawn from ward 9, 16 and 22. Key health services like maternity services, adults and children outpatients department will be handled at this clinic. The clinic site is 70 kilometres along the Harare- Nyamapanda highway, and is 13 kilometres away from Murewa Centre, where the nearest health centre is.

The Memorial Clinic project was initiated by members of the Anglican Wabvuwi Guild and Anglican clergy following the death of five Wabvuwi members in a road accident at the St Clare’s Mission turn off on 9 November 1997. The project construction was halted in 2007 when Kunonga and his followers denied Anglicans access to the project site, including the Church building, claiming they were now in charge. However, they failed to carry on with the project construction, stalling a development that was approved by the Murewa Rural District Council (MRDC), the local traditional leadership, and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

The summary cost breakdown is as follows- Superstructure Material costs (USD $98,567.00), electrical material costs (US$ 6,834.00), plumbing material costs (USD $ 4,851.00), transport costs (USD $ 4,410.00), labour costs (US$34,178.00), Wastage costs (US$2,205.00), totalling US$151,045.00.

The project has already started and construction is ongoing. To date Anglican Wabvuwi has spent US$30,850.00, reaching window level. It is expected that with proper support from corporate world and other sympathisers, the process can be expedited and the project can be completed by August 2014. As a Church, we are glad for the contributions of the community around St Clare’s who are contributing their labour and time.

In line with its mission, the Anglican Diocese of Harare (CPCA) commends the work being done at the project site, and links directly with our other health initiatives across the Diocese where we have HIV/Aids projects, orphanages and within the education sector where we have functional institutions.

The Wabvuwi initiative to build a health centre in Murewa is work in progress for the Anglican Diocese as we rebuild the Church following five years of persecution by enemies of progress. More support is still required from the corporate world, and individuals to ensure that the project is completed on time and begins to serve the Murewa community in the delivery of standard health services.

Thank you,

+Chad Harare

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