Letter from Bishop Lee and Bishop Buchanan on reunifying Illinois dioceses

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

We are delighted to announce that the reunion of the Episcopal Dioceses of Chicago and Quincy will become effective this Sunday, September 1, the fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost.

You know that on June 6, our conventions, meeting concurrently in Chicago and Peoria, unanimously approved our reunion. Now we have received the consent of a majority of bishops and standing committees in The Episcopal Church, which satisfies the requirements of the church’s canons. Thanks be to God.

Along with many of you, we have waited, worked and prayed for this day for more than a year. During that time, the Holy Spirit has led us toward a shared understanding of God’s call to the people of Chicago and Quincy and how we should order our common life to respond. Now we are free to go about that work.

We have already taken a significant step toward building our reunited diocese.

Beginning in early 2014, Bishop Buchanan will become an assisting bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. He joins Bishop C. Christopher Epting in this part-time role, and will assist Bishop Lee with visitations and other pastoral responsibilities within the bounds of the former Diocese of Chicago. His work will allow Bishop Lee and Bishop Epting to devote more of their time to work in the new Peoria Deanery.

The first convention of the reunited Episcopal Diocese of Chicago will take place in Lombard on November 22-23. We hope to celebrate with all of you there. You can find information about the convention, including reservation information, forms for submitting nominations, and resolutions and information about education opportunities, on the Diocese of Chicago’s website.

To stay informed about convention and the work of the diocese and its people, please be sure to subscribe to the email newsletters using the link on the website.

As we begin our life together as one diocese, please pray for us, for one another, and for our brothers and sisters who have chosen other paths. May God strengthen us for the work we have been given to do and reconcile us in the power of the Risen Christ, who overcomes all divisions.


The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
Bishop of Chicago

The Rt. Rev. John C. Buchanan
Provisional Bishop of Quincy

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