Christians may be bombed, for that is convention. Muslims may not be gassed, for that is taboo

From Cranmer


While the Prime Minister does his parliamentary arithmetic and establishes that there’s no majority appetite for immediately launching cruise missiles into Damascus, the Archbishop of Canterbury focuses on the plight of Syria’s Christians, who are already paying the price for being strangers in a foreign land.


They have, of course, been there since.. well, the time of Christ. But so have they in Bethlehem, Benghazi, Homs and Cairo. A century ago, Christians constituted 20 per cent of the regional population; now it is nearer five per cent, and falling. Each time ‘the West’ intervenes, it is the indigenous Christians who pay the price – often with their lives. We crushed Saddam; the Christians paid. We ejected Gaddafi; the Christians paid. We supported ousting Mubarak; the Christians paid. After Assad..? Well, Archbishop Justin has already spoken:


“It’s absolutely clear that Christians in Syria are being persecuted,” he said, speaking at ‘Save Syria‘, hosted by Open Doors last month at the Church of England’s General Synod in York.


Yes, even before the heinous use of chemical weapons captivated the world’s attention, Syria’s Christians were ‘being chased out in large numbers’. But HM Government was not overly concerned about that. And by ‘chased out’, the Archbishop meant systematically slaughtered – one by one; cleansed utterly from the region by warring factions of Islamists. But the Prime Minister was content to ‘stand by’ and ‘do nothing’.


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