Embrace Homosexualism – Or Else

By Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch


The militant homosexual lobby has long ago stopped pretending it is about achieving “equality” and “tolerance”. They have instead made it clear that they will settle for nothing less than the complete homosexualisation of society. All resistance will be ruthlessly opposed, and everyone will be expected to embrace, promote and even favour the homosexual agenda.


It is no longer a question of the normalisation of homosexuality, but the glamourisation and forced exaltation of the lifestyle. Our coercive utopian leaders are now telling us, ‘You will love and embrace homosexuality. You have no other option. All resistance will be punished.’


I have of course already documented case after case of this state-enforced promotion of homosexuality, with recalcitrants facing the music. Every time I think I should get my new book off to the printers, a whole new bunch of cases arise.


To see just how ugly all this is, imagine this scenario: your son has been a drug addict for a decade, and now desperately wants to get off. He knows this lifestyle is killing him, and he really wants to make a clean break of it. But he is told by the elites and the authorities that he was born this way, it is innate, and he cannot change.


He has to learn to live with it. In fact, those groups who offered help to druggies who want to get clean have been outlawed by the state. There is now a ban on any therapy which offers help to the addict. The state has decided that all drug addicts must remain that way, and anyone offering them help must be viewed as an enemy of the state, and punished accordingly.


This is basically what we find happening regarding homosexuality. Last year the state of California for example led the way by banning reparative therapy for homosexuals. So even though a person may desperately want to get out of this lifestyle and change his ways, the Californian tyrants have declared that to be verboten.


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