African Anglican Bishop Learns Bitter Lesson in Hands of Western Gay Imperialists

By David Virtue, VOL


Western Anglican infiltration of gay agenda into Africa heats up


The Bishop of Southern Malawi and chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, the Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga learned a bitter lesson this week: If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.


The African bishop got a wake-up call that if you oppose the whole pansexual agenda of western pan-Anglicanism and then try to soften your stance even the smallest bit in order to get a job, you’re history.


Thus it was that Dartmouth College in New Hampshire called Tengatenga to be Dean of The Tucker Foundation that pays for the college, but suddenly his name was withdrawn by the new Dartmouth College President Dr. Philip Hanlon. “The withdrawal of Bishop Tengatenga’s appointment came on the heels of mounting controversy surrounding his past and current views on matters of human sexuality,” said a PR blurb.


Apparently, Tengatenga wasn’t inclusive enough on gay sex, gay marriage and gay bishops and has been critical of The Episcopal Church’s consecration of Gene Robinson. Two years ago, he pushed for the excommunication of any bishops who vocally support same-sex marriage, and angrily claimed betrayal at the ordination of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire back in 2003. He cited Lambeth 1:10, GAFCON I (Jerusalem Declaration) and the Global South’s negativity towards homosexual behavior.


He claimed that it was his duty to hold the Church together even as a split over same-sex marriages has became more and more problematic within the Church.


So far, so good.


When he was picked for the job to be president of the Dartmouth Foundation, he was immediately criticized by students for his anti gay attitudes and positions.


Tengatenga immediately started to back peddle.


He fired off a statement saying that “The dignity of all should be honored and respected. As is the case with many people, my ideas about homosexuality have evolved over time.”


He had not evolved enough apparently as he was quickly terminated by the president of the College.


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