Changing the Guard


Changing the Guard   July 31 2013



August 1 we welcome Andrew Symes as the new Executive Secretary of Anglican Mainstream in succession to Chris Sugden who has held the position  since May 2003.   Today we give heartfelt thanks to God for the passionate commitment, indefatigable energy and extensive knowledge and connections which Chris has brought to the work of promoting Biblical orthodoxy in matters relating to marriage and family life over the past ten years.   Under his leadership Anglican Mainstream has established itself as an authoritative resource for materials and opinion across the Anglican Communion and beyond and the AM website is a resource which is greatly valued even by those who do not entirely share our convictions. The range of material on the website is itself testimony to the breadth of Chris’ connections and interests.  He has ensured that we have always kept in view the bigger picture of world mission and holistic evangelism.  Many can testify to the wise counsel and advice which he has given.   And he has borne with grace and patience the criticism and personal abuse which comes with engaging in public controversy on an issue like human sexuality.  Above all he has been faithful to Christ in the ministry to which he was called.



Chris will (of course) continue to be active in Christian ministry in England and world-wide.  He is already at work supporting preparation for this October’s Global Anglican Future Conference in Nairobi.  He will continue to be secretary of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (UK and Ireland) and as secretary of Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life.   And he will remain a trustee of Anglican Mainstream.



Some of us will want to express our thanks for Chris’s ministry with Anglican Mainstream in a tangible way, so I am setting up a fund for that purpose.  Anyone who wishes to contribute should contact me at or write to me at 5 Clifton Park Road, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7PD.



Lastly, may I invite you to pray:  for Chris and Elaine, prayers of thanksgiving for faithful ministry already accomplished and of petition for the new ministries which lie ahead; for Andrew and his wife as he takes up the reins from Chris;  and prayers for the trustees, steering committee and volunteers, that we may continue to promote and defend the Biblical truths on which the Anglican Church worldwide was founded.   In the mercy and power of God’s Holy Spirit and in faithfulness to Scripture as God’s Word may we continue to share the love and purpose of God in Jesus Christ that the humanity which the Father created and the Son has redeemed may live life to the full as He intended.





Philip Giddings


Chair, Anglican Mainstream Trustees

31 July 2013

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