This is ‘civil rights’? Pro-family leaders react to California school’s transgender settlement

by Kirsten Andersen, LifeSite News


Pro-family leaders reacted with stunned disbelief this week to the news of a settlement in the case of a Southern California girl whose parents filed a federal civil rights complaint against their local school district after their daughter was not allowed to sleep in a hotel room full of boys during field trips, despite her belief that she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body.


After two years of investigation by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice, the Arcadia Unified School District agreed to a settlement in which they admit no wrongdoing, but will allow the teenage girl, who is about to enter ninth grade, to use the facilities of her preferred sex rather than her biological one, as well as to participate in activities intended for boys only.


Additionally, they will provide sensitivity training for their staff and faculty and add “gender identity” to the definition of “gender discrimination” in the district’s anti-discrimination policies.


That means from now on, the school district will allow students to use the showers, restrooms, and sleeping quarters of the opposite biological sex if they identify as “transgender.”


On Friday, conservative and pro-family leaders took to Fox News to criticize the decision, which they say is unfair to other students at the school.


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