‘Disappointing’ Church did not take lead on marriage

By Mark Caplin, Christian Today


Christian Concern says it is “deeply disappointing” the Church did not speak out as strongly on gay marriage as it has on payday lenders.


The advocacy group said the headlines around the Archbishop of Canterbury’s criticism of payday lender Wonga this week demonstrated the potential impact of the Church if it had made similar statements against the legislation that brought in gay marriage this month.


Archbishop Justin Welby said in an interview in Total Politics this week that he wanted to “compete” Wonga “out of existence”.


The story was widely publicised in the press but also caused some embarrassment for the Church of England when the Financial Times revealed the Church had indirect links to Wonga through its stake in a venture capital fund that has invested millions of dollars into the payday lender.

Head of Christian Concern, Andrea Minichiello Williams said: “We called on Archbishop Welby and the bishops many times, asking them to stand strong for marriage and speak out.


“The news this week shows the possible impact they could have had on the marriage debate. It’s deeply disappointing that they didn’t take the lead and make similarly robust statements about marriage when it mattered.”


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