Dear President Obama, please leave Africa out of your intolerant world of redefined marriage

by Obianuju Ekeocha, LifeSite News


I believe that every design, good or bad, starts in the heart of the designer; every building plan arises in the imagination of the architect and every sculpture is conceived in the creative thoughts of the sculptor.


It is becoming increasingly evident that a new design has been conceived in the imagination of the wealthiest class of social engineers and cultural architects in the Western world.


The most terrifying and disconcerting thing about this reality is that when all is said and done and the new design is unveiled for all to see, it will many times demand the deconstruction of what has always been.


It was with great shock that many people across the developing world received the recent ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) that reflected a tectonic shift in the perception and reception of marriage in America. This happened at the same time as the victory cries of LGBT rights advocates are resounding over France, UK, Australia and even parts of Latin America where the new world order is being established. In these parts of the world, the rulers and leaders are declaring, in an almost dictatorial manner, their unshakeable stance on the redefinition of marriage and reconfiguration of family structure through new legal mandates, new parliamentary moves and new executive manoeuvres.


In an almost-synchronised fashion we are seeing Heads of States making public commitments to the promotion and propagation of LGBT causes at all costs in compliance with this new design of culture and civilisation: a forceful new design which is vehemently demanding the deconstruction and demolition of the bedrock of all known civilisations for millennia – stable traditional marriage that leads to solid family structures.


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