Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo, TFP

With morals and natural law under siege today, and the liberal agenda’s cross hairs targeting our right to voice our moral convictions, we must be prepared to defend our position’s legitimacy.[1] Either we accept that the foundation of morals and law lies in God’s wisdom or we become mired in the quicksand of today’s relativism.

Without Objective Moral Law, Chaos Follows 

For moral order to exist, there must be an objective moral law easily perceived, common to all men and obliging to all equally. Otherwise, everything would be subject to men’s fantasies or to the rulers’ whims, leading to social chaos and tyranny. Today we witness complete scorn for any moral rule that restrains individual behavior, especially in sexual matters, and a kind of legislative/judicial dictatorship imposing unnatural laws on society. On the one hand, liberal judges approve death by starvation, abortion “rights” and favor the homosexual agenda while on the other hand, they remove religious symbols from public places.

Moral Law Is Connatural to Man

Without an objective moral law, social order is impossible. Therefore, an objective moral law must exist to guide human behavior, and prevent that individual freedom and the good of society be endangered. Not only must moral law be objective but also be in accordance with man’s nature, that is, connatural with him. If what the law commands, forbids and allows did not resonate deep within man’s conscience, the only thing keeping man from breaking the law would be the fear of the police. In that case, morality would depend entirely on the number of policemen, and each man would need a policeman to watch him at all times. But then, as Juvenal, a pagan Roman satirist, put it, “Sed quis custodietipsos custodes?” “But who shall watch the watchmen?”

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