Christian Century: Anti-What?

Well, that settles it: the most important publication of liberal Protestantism, the Christian Century, has no problem with anti-Semitism:century

by Dexter Van Zile

James M. Wall’s status as associate editor of Veterans News Now, a website that publishes articles by anti-Semites such as David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, is not enough to get him removed from the masthead of Christian Century.

That’s the verdict from Rev. Peter Marty, former host of Grace Matters, a Lutheran radio show, and current pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa. Marty, who is also listed as the chairman of the Christian Century Foundation’s board of directors on its recent tax documents, emailed the following message to CAMERA on July 17, 2013:

“Dear Sir:

The board of directors for the Christian Century magazine holds as its primary objective the advancement of the Century’s print and web communications. We are proud of our magazine’s publishing tradition and its consistently thoughtful review of all editorial submissions. The board does not assume a role in limiting any past or present editor’s freedom of expression, or in determining what they may publish in other forums.

Thank you,

Peter W. Marty”

It’s official. One can serve on an editorial board for an explicitly anti-Semitic publication and remain on Christian Century’s masthead.

That is the verdict from the magazine’s editors and board of trustees.

Dexter told me he found this “hugely depressing.” It is nothing short of amazing that the leadership of one of the premier publications in the Christian world would so cavalierly dismiss the involvement of one of their colleagues with some of the vilest haters on the Internet. Though Peter Marty tries to hide behind “freedom of expression” (as if anyone is trying to prevent Wall from spewing his hate and that of his playmates), that’s not what this is about, and he knows it. It’s about Christians publicly allying themselves with those whose views are beyond the pale. Christian Century’s leadership has announced that they have no problem doing just that.

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