Now it’s our turn: fight or submit

From Brian Brown, NOM

The Supreme Court has issued its rulings, threatening our right to protect marriage and to be respected as sincere in our actions as we do it.

Now it’s our turn: fight or submit?

Its been a busy week fighting for God’s truth about marriage on National TV in the wake of what Maggie Gallagher called the Supreme Court’s “fatwa” against millions of Americans who believe marriage is the union of husband and wife:

If you are as mad as I am at this judicial usurpation of our rights as Americans, know this: you and I are not alone.

A Rasmussen poll released after the Supreme Court issued its terrible rulings on marriage reports Americans’ support for the Supreme Court is plunging: Just 28 percent say the Court is doing an excellent or good job, while 69 percent say the Court is doing only a fair or poor job. “[P]ublic approval of the court has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded in more than nine years of polling,” reports Rasmussen. (And yes, liberal positive views of the court remain unchanged, it is the slippage among conservatives and moderates-more than 30 points since 2009-that is making the difference).

I’m not going to give you a song and dance: things are going to get tough. The sunshine patriots will retreat; the RINO’s will be cowed.

Already a Colorado Christian named Jack Phillips faces a year in jail. His crime? Politely declining to bake a gay wedding cake!

This is not Jim Crow. Jack Phillips and others like him are not trying to force gay marriage advocates into a ghetto, or drink at separate water fountains. Jack is a man whose conscience does not allow him to participate in a gay wedding ceremony, which he sees as contrary to God’s law.

How many people are going to be threatened with jail, the loss of their livelihoods, attacks on their good name, or worse if you and I do not stand up and fight back now?

Is Justice Anthony Kennedy’s America the America you want to leave your children and grandchildren?

Not me, not mine, not my household, and not millions of other decent, loving, law-abiding Americans who refuse to be cowed, to accept the second-class status Justice Kennedy’s America lays out for us.

Our 5-Point Plan to Fight Back

That’s why NOM has announced our 5-point plan to sustain the movement for marriage in America and to protect your rights in the public square.

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