Anglican primate says prosperity gospel is “half truth”


Posted on: July 9, 2013 12:21 PM

Archbishop Okoh



[Channels] The Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh has condemned the emergence of the ‘get rich quick’ sermon that is the rave of most Pentecostal Churches in the country.

[Watch a video of the interview with the Primate here]

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television’s programme View From The Top, Archbishop Okoh said this was not the foundation that was laid by the missionaries who introduce Christianity in Nigeria.

He described as half-truth these sermons by pastors whose aim is for their personal advancement and enrichment.

The Primate said, “It’s not part of the way we started, it was not part of what the missionaries delivered to us, but all of a sudden the teachings on ‘if you follow me you will become wealthy’…at best this is half-truth, in the sense that it is true that God is the owner of everything, God is the owner of the universe, the oil we are harvesting in Nigeria and selling internationally, marketing everywhere and making billions out of, it is God’s property. So God is rich, stupendously rich, so his children are rich also. We are princes, we are princesses, but that does not mean there are no moral underpinnings.”

The full article can be found here

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