STOP THE PRESSES! The UCC Saves the World!!!


Or not. In a decision that will not effect anything in the real world, but make a handful of religious leftists feel good about themselves, the United Church of Christ has voted to divest from fossil fuel companies.


A group of Protestant churches has become the first U.S. religious body to vote to divest its pension funds and investments from fossil fuel companies because of climate change concerns.

The United Church of Christ, which traces its origins back to the Pilgrims in 1620 and has about 1.1 million members in 5,100 congregations, voted on Monday to divest in stages over the next five years. But it left open the possibility of keeping some investments if the fossil fuel companies meet certain standards.

“Implementing the multiple strategies outlined in this resolution will demand time, money and care — but we believe creation deserves no less,” United Church Funds President Donald Hart said in a statement. The affiliated group has managed church investments since 1909.


I’m sure this will get the attention of the oil companies, cause them to stop raping the planet and go into the wind and solar business, right? Ocean levels will start receding, CO2 will disappear, cow emissions will smell like roses, etc. Not so much:


Harvard University professor Theda Skocpol, who has written about the politics of the climate change movement and divestment efforts, called the move significant.

Skocpol said she doesn’t think the divestment movement is “going to bring the fossil fuel industry to its knees” but that it is symbolically significant, since action by a national church group brings the debate over climate change “into the heart of American communities.”

“This is definitely part of changing community and elite opinion” in America, she said.


“Symbolically significant.” You can put that on the epitaph of every mainline denomination in America. It doesn’t matter whether their actions, decisions, and resolutions make any difference in the real world, as long as they are “symbolically significant.” Oh, and that’s pretty much the way academia works as well, as Skocpol nicely demonstrates. This decision will not in any way “chang[e] community and elite opinion,” because community and elite opinion” really don’t give a cow emission about what the UCC thinks about anything. The UCC, especially in its assembled leadership, is nothing but a collection of 1960s retreads, trying to recapture the glory days of their youth and once again prove that Billy Joel nailed them:


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