Christian Cosmology & Unpopular Truth

by Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism


We Protestants and Evangelicals often could learn a lot from Catholic prelates addressing public policy issues relating to marriage and life. christian cosmologyCertainly it is true for Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s Washington Post column yesterday reacting to the Supreme Court marriage rulings. His arguments are tightly succinct. Here is one quote. […]


[…]  Recently writer Rod Dreher, who’s Eastern Orthodox, warned that same sex marriage “signifies the final triumph of the Sexual Revolution and the dethroning of Christianity because it denies the core concept of Christian anthropology,” premised on the “divinely sanctioned union of male and female [as] an icon of the relationship of Christ to His church and ultimately of God to His creation.” He wondered if “our modern concept of human rights and other fundamental goods of modernity” based on a “Christian cosmology” can survive. He also wrote:


Too many…think that same-sex marriage is merely a question of sexual ethics. They fail to see that gay marriage, and the concomitant collapse of marriage among poor and working-class heterosexuals, makes perfect sense given the autonomous individualism sacralized by modernity and embraced by contemporary culture—indeed, by many who call themselves Christians.


Defending a Christian cosmology, and deploying natural law, sometimes seem beyond the comfortable range of even many of the best orthodox Protestant and Evangelical thinkers. Of course, liberal Protestants fully embrace “autonomous individualism” and whatever it brings. And squishy neo-orthodox Protestants, typically devotees of Karl Barth, often reject or minimize natural law, full scriptural authority, and the robust witness of the universal church, leaving them few tools to withstand the prevailing zeitgeist.



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