Thoughts regarding the closure of Exodus

From the Revd Mario Bergner, Redeemed LIves

Lots of people have asked me what I think of Exodus International (EI) closing its doors and Alan Chambers’ apology. Here are my thoughts. EI was never the Church, it was a church organization. Some of the ministries did do harm, like the one led by a person in the mid 1980’s whose method of ministry was to pray three times, “BE MADE NORMAL”, then speak in tongues and cast out some demons. So I am sure this Christian hurt some people. I never let this person pray for me because she creeped me out.

So Alan’s apology has some merit, but is way too broad and not applicable to any of the EI leaders I have known for these last 29 years. It’s probably for the best that EI closed. Alan asserts 99.9% of the people he has met have not experienced any change, so why lead a ministry you don’t believe in? ‘Where is his study with its control group to prove his numbers?’ no psychologist or media will ever ask, but quote as fact. Alan has never asked me that question and we’re friends. I can attest that I have experienced way more than .1% of change, otherwise I would have never married. I really needed to know that sex was going to be good. It is. Not like it was when we were younger, but heck I am 54 and have been married for 17 years. We had a great time last weekend, though. Sorry Mrs. B.. Yes, you are the woman with no secrets. If I thought I could not remain faithful to Nancy in genuine love, I would never had five children with her. Now I wish we had married earlier and had seven children. Really. For those of you who want an answer about my percentage of change (this includes you, Alan if you are reading this) I have put it in quotes since I say it so often. Really how narcissistic is that, quoting myself? My dear friend John Fawcett is surely laughing in Glory. OK so here it is:

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